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An Introduction to Fixie Bikes

Fixed gear bikes, or fixie bikes as they are more commonly known, are a type of bicycle wherein the pedals are always in motion and are in sync with the movement of the wheels. These is due to the fact that the sprocket of a fixie bicycle is directly screwed onto its hub, meaning the rider can not coast. This also allows the rider to stop the movement of the bike by resisting the motion of the crank. This feature allows the rider to choose whether or not to install brakes on a fixie bicycle.

Fixie bikes have developed a cult following on many parts of the US and the rest of the world. The fad can be attributed to bike messengers whom are popularly known to use fixed gear bikes. Nowadays it is common to see cyclists sporting fixies in urban areas used as a form of transportation or for leisurely activities. There are also a number of emerging community websites for fixie bicycle enthusiasts.

Though the main difference of fixed gear bikes to other types lies on its sprocket being directly attached to the hub, in fact one can convert their existing bicycles into fixies, riders new to this type of bike may require a few practice to get used to the feel of fixie bikes. Riders may find it awkward at first due to the fact that the fixies have no freewheel. But once they get used to it, fixie bicycles offer a unique riding experience and a great alternative to conventional bicycles.

Take a look at some of the cool fixie bike pictures.